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Uniqueness. Durability. Quality. Genuine. The attributes that describe our stone are also the ones our company embodies. All of our stone is hand picked from the fields of Central Montana and can be delivered to anywhere in North America. Dark gray, blue, green, orange, white, and black lichen make Montana moss rock, arguably the most colorful choice of  stone on the market. It  is perfect for architects and homeowners who want that rustic, mountain look; an appearance that is rich and genuine, unlike that of manufactured stone which is both repetitive and unnatural.

Need something other than moss rock? Because of our extensive network of quarry relationships, we are able to source stone at wholesale prices. Whatever look you want, we will find a stone to match it.

At Wide Open Stone, we are a small, hard-working company dedicated to exceeding expectations by supplying all of your natural stone needs. We want to help you make your dream home a reality. I believe our stone's color, durability, and uniqueness is what makes it superior to other options on the market. As the owner, I am committed to overseeing every rock and making sure each piece measures up to the exact expectations and specifications set by you, the customer. Each rock I supply is my gift to you and a thank you for allowing me to do what I love in the place I grew and love so much. I desire your business and will do all that I can to ensure the satisfaction of everyone involved.

I look forward to helping you create something beautiful. 


Sam Keaster
Wide Open Stone (Formerly Montana Moss Rock)


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